About Us

Welcome to Eheydari.com, where we share and preserve important moments in life. We believe that memorable moments are important pieces of life’s journey, and we need to preserve and share them so that we never forget.

Theme: Celebrating Important Moments

At Eheydari.com, we focus on capturing and sharing life’s most memorable moments. Topics we cover include:

  • Personal Journeys: Stories about the major turning points in our personal lives, from small victories to big challenges.
  • Family and Love: Memorable moments with family and loved ones, memories of friendship, love and cherished relationships.
  • Work and career: Successes and lessons from career, memories of efforts and aspirations to conquer goals.
  • Travel and discovery: Trips around, experiences of culture and people, memorable memories from interesting places around the world.

Our target

With Eheydari.com, we want to build a community that shares values ​​about life, inspiration and passion through each story, image and experience. We hope that the articles here will bring you joy and inspiration, as well as help you remember your own important moments.


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Thank you for visiting and we look forward to sharing special moments with you at Eheydari.com soon!

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